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05 Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper TX1

André Dillien acquired 2 Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper TX1 from the Guy Englebert collection.

These basic gliders were used by the Royal Air Force to give basic training to air cadets and for leisure flights at RAF stations after WW2.

Guy Englebert performed numerous flights being sent in the sky dragged by cars.

He also used his grasshoppers as glider flight simulators with some success.
Installed on a support, the aspirant pilot can operate the glider who naturally turn left or right and is put in up or down position when using the stick and rudder pedals.

Thanks to Dutch friends we acquired the manuals for future restoration operations.

Future actions

  • We do not intend to make the grasshoppers flyable.
  • A study is needed to define what restoration and preservation tasks are needed as well to establish the identifies of both airframe.
  • A support need to be fabricated following the requirements described in the manuals to have at least one grasshopper available as flight simulator.

Guy Englebert demonstrating the Grasshopper flight simulator

All pictures on this page from the Guy Englebert collection except pictures taken at the BAPA workshop

Video's (Found on youtube)


Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK. 1953

Air cadets at Stamford School assemble and fly this rudimentary training glider, launched by two groups of boys pulling on elastic ropes. Flights are brief, but some of the pilots stay airborne for several seconds, just long enough to count as successful.

Accession no. 636
Total running time 2 min - Colour - 16mm - Silent
To find out more about the Film Archive collection visit:

T38 Grasshopper at Long Mynd

Lasham Pilot Gary Pullen flies his Slingsby T38 Grasshopper at the Wenlock Gliding Games 2012 Open Day - Midland Gliding Club, Long Mynd