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BAPA North American B-25 J 44-30925 in restoration 2014/12

Pictures taken during the restoration of the North American B-25 J 44-30925 in the workshop of the BAPA in Gembloux See us at

Updated December 21st, 2014

BAPA A B-25 Back to Belgium delivery of the Wright 2600 2014/12

We succeeded (one more time)! On Thursday, August 7th, both Wright engines for the project " A B-25 back to Belgium " arrived in the workshop of the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association ( BAPA) at Gembloux. It was only possible thanks to the wonderful support of generous sponsors, the BAMF and the volunteers of the BAPA. We thank them all. See more about our project at

A B-25 back to Belgium North American B-25 Mitchell "44-30925" undercarriage restoration 12/2014

Pictures of the restoration of the undercarriage of the North American B-25 Mitchell "44-30925" by Laurent. 

Updated December 21st, 2014

BAPA Gembloux Jacobs engine 12/2014

A private project. Vincent is restoring for static display a Jacobs engine. See us at

Updated December 21st, 2014

Sablier Chanute glider

Updated December 21st, 2014

USS Hornet scale model

Updated December 21st, 2014

BAPA Open doors 2014 09 28

BAPA Austria OO-ZTL 2014 08

SCHEMPP-HIRTH STANDARD AUSTRIA SH 1C N 55 OO-ZTL given to BAPA by Willy Marot; Pickup in Temploux 2013 10 12. The small damages were repaired and the fuselage was restored in the colours of the "Austigra the Tiger in the wind" colours in April and May 2014. Moved for display on August 2nd, 2014. Another preservation almost completed with smile, fun and dedication to our Aviation Heritage.

BAPA Slingsby TX1 Grasshopper


BAPA Croses airplume 2014/12

The 11th airframe to be preserved reached Gembloux on February 3rd 2014. This is another example of the Mignet Flying Flea formula, a Croses airplume. Except a flat tyre, the airframe is in very good state and no part is missing. Transport done by the magic team. Thx Michel, André, Yves V, Vincent and Robert. End April 2014, the airframe has been extensively cleaned, oïl applied on the engine for storage, the propeller is reinstalled. From Michel Jacquet who assembled the aircraft in 2004, we...

MBB Phoebus OO-ZDX given by CEVV 2014/12

Arrival at Gembloux of the MBB Phoebus OO-ZDX given by the CEVV to the BAPA. The glider is in perfect state. See us at

BAPA Pou du ciel Flying Flea restoration 2014/12

Pictures taken in Gembloux at the workshop of the BAPA ( Restoration of the flying flea

Updated December 21st, 2014

BAPA Collection 2014/12

Pictures of artefacts on lease or given to BAPA
BAPA workshop album 2014/12

Picture taken during the activities of the Belgian Aviation Preservation association 

Here are the pictures we received to illustrate the "A B-25 back to Belgium" project.
There are also pictures taken the different steps of the project.
The owner and descriptions of the pictures are contained in the description of the picture and can be read using exifer (exif and iptc).

BAPA official startup & workshop inauguration
Gembloux, Belgium -
Sep 1, 2013
On September 1st, 2013, Belgian Aviation Preservation Association was officially launched. The workshop was inaugurated with friends who already helped to start this new sage. See us at http:\\


In August 2011, the collection Philippe Veys was given to the Brussels Air Museum Funds to be preserved digitally and put at the disposal of the aviation researchers.

Philippe Veys collaborated with many newspapers before World War 2 and collected documents about aviation. The Belgian Aviation History Library was selected for her capability to convert great quantities of paper to digital archives permitting easy access and the diffusion of this collection, the result of many years of hard labor of an Aviation Enthusiast.

We are proud to publish these documents and share them with the aviation community.

If you want to use these documents, please mention Collection Philippe Veys.

2014 Field Depot Musée du Souvenir 2014/07

Visit of the convoy of the 2014 Field Depot of our friends from the Musée du Souvenir in Malèves Pictures by laurent papazoglakis 
( on July 12th, 2014