They help us

First of all, we want to thank the persons who sponsored the purchase of the B-25.
If you are one of the sponsors, please do not hesitate to contact to see your aircraft.

The Brussels Air Museum Funds supplied us with appreciated support during the early stages of the BAPA.

André Dillien was amongst the firsts to join and propose his help. Thanks to him we received 3 gliders and archives. He also convinced some of his friends to help us.

Amongst the never ending list of the friends who help us :

Alex Malengrez,

André Dillien,

Geneviève Englebert,

Robert Pied offered us a canopy of Meteor NF11 and a canopy of F16.

Michel Veys and the familly Veys for the Veys collection.

Nicolas Clinaz for crash parts.

The family Musette Debieve for the OO-BCN.

Luc Wittemans for pictures of the OO-BCN.
Philippe Levecq offered us some useful help and the tail of a T-33.

In 2014

Alex Malengrez for instruments and a loop antenna and another generous gift.

Claude Maricq for a splendid Tiger Moth model.

A collection of airfield lamps by an anonymous donator

Machines by Alain Vandereyden

We certainly forgot some peoples. We apologist for it. If this is case do not hesitate to contact us.